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FAN Meeting Minutes

This page will maintain meeting minutes for both General Meetings and Board Meetings.



2024.Jan.9.General MM

2023.Nov 14.General MM

2023.Oct 3.General MM

2023.Sept 5.General MM

2023.April 4.General MM

2023.Mar 7.General MM

2023.Feb 7.General MM

2023.Jan 10.General MM

2022.Nov 1.General MM

2022.Oct 4.General MM

2022.Sep 6.General MM

2022.Apr 5.General MM

2022.Mar 1.General MM

2022.Feb 1.General MM

2022.Jan 11.General MM

2021.Nov 2.General MM

2021.Oct 5.General MM

2021.Sept 7.General MM

2021.Apr 6.General MM

2021.Mar 2.General MM

2021.Feb 2.General MM

2020.Dec 1.General MM

2020.Nov 3.General MM

2020.Oct 6.General MM

2020.Sep 1.General MM

2020.Mar 3.General MM

2020.Jan 7.General MM

2019.Nov 5.General MM

2019.Oct 1.General MM

2019.Sep 3.General MM

2019.Jan 8.General MM

2018.Nov 6.General MM

2018.Oct 2.General MM

2018.Sep 4.General MM

2018.Mar 6.General MM

2018.Feb 6.General MM

2018.Jan 2.General MM

2017.Nov 7.General MM

2017.Oct 3.General MM

2017.Mar 7.General MM

2017.Feb 7.General MM

2017.Jan 3.General MM

2016.Nov 1.General MM

2016.Oct 4.General MM

2016.Sep 6.General MM

2016.Apr 12.General MM

2016.Mar 8.General MM

2016.Feb 9.General MM

2016.Jan 12.General MM

2015.Oct 13.General MM

2015.Sep 8.General MM

2015.Apr 14.General MM

2015.Mar 10.General MM

2015.Feb 10.General MM

2015.Jan 13.General MM

2014.Nov 11.General MM

2014.Oct 14.General MM

2014.Sep 9.General MM

2014.Apr 1.General MM

2014.Mar 4.General MM

2014.Feb 11.General MM

2014.Jan 7.General MM

2013.Nov 5.General MM

2013.Oct 1.General MM

2013.Sep 3.General MM

2013.Mar 5.General MM

2013.Feb 5.General MM

2013.Jan 8.General MM

2012.Nov 6.General MM

2012.Oct 2.General MM

2012.Sep 4.General MM

2024.Feb 20.Board MM

2024.Jan 16.Board MM

2024.Nov 21.Board MM

2023.Oct 17.Board MM

2023.Sept 19.Board MM

2023.Aug 15.Board MM

2023.Jul 18.Board MM

2023.Jun 20.Board MM

2023.Apr 18.Board MM

2023.Mar 21.Board MM

2023.Feb 21.Board MM

2023.Jan 17.Board MM

2022.Nov 15.Board MM

2022.Oct 18.Board MM

2022.Sep 20.Board MM

2022.Aug 25.Board MM

2022.Jul 20.Board MM

2022.Jun 21.Board.MM

2022.Mar 22.Board MM

2022.Feb 15.Board MM

2022.Jan 18.Board MM

2021.Nov 16.Board MM

2021.Oct 19.Board MM

2021.Sep 14.Board MM

2021.Aug 17.Board MM

2021.Jul 20.Board MM

2021.Jul 9.Board MM

2021.Jun 15.Board MM

2021.Apr 20.Board MM

2021.Mar 16.Board MM

2021.Feb 22.Board MM

2021.Jan 20.Board MM

2020.Dec 15.Board MM

2020.Nov 17.Board MM

2020.Oct 20.Board MM

2020.Sep 22.Board MM

2020.Aug 18.Board MM

2020.Jul 21.Board MM

2020.Jun 16.Board MM

2020.Apr 21.Board MM

2020.Mar 17.Board MM

2020.Feb 18.Board MM

2020.Jan 21.Board MM

2019.Oct 15.Board MM

2019.Sep 17.Board MM

2019.Aug 20.Board MM

2019.Jul 16.Board MM

2019.Jun 18.Board MM

2019.Feb 19.Board MM

2019.Jan 22.Board MM

2018.Nov 13.Board MM

2018.Oct 16.Board MM

2018.Sep 18.Board MM

2018.Aug 21.Board MM

2018.Jul 17.Board MM

2018.Jun 12.Board MM

2018.Apr 17.Board MM

2018.Mar 20.Board MM

2018.Feb 20.Board MM

2018.Jan 22.Board MM

2017.Nov 28.Board MM

2017.Oct 17.Board MM

2017.Sep 19.Board MM

2017.Aug 15.Board MM

2017.Jul 18.Board MM

2017.Jun 20.Board MM

2017.Apr 18.Board MM

2017.Mar 21.Board MM

2017.Feb 21.Board MM

2017.Jan 17.Board MM

2016.Nov 15.Board MM

2016.Oct 11.Board MM

2016.Sep 20.Board MM

2016.Aug 16.Board MM

2016.Jul 19.Board MM

2016.Jun 21.Board MM

2016.Apr 26.Board MM

2016.Mar 15.Board MM

2016.Feb 16.Board MM

2016.Jan 19.Board MM

2015.Nov 17.Board MM

2015.Oct 20.Board MM

2015.Sep 15.Board MM

2015.Aug 18.Board MM

2015.Jul 21.Board MM

2015.Jun 16.Board MM

2015.Apr 21.Board MM

2015.Mar 17.Board MM

2015.Feb 17.Board MM

2015.Jan 20.Board MM

2014.Nov 18.Board MM

2014.Oct 21.Board MM

2014.Sep 16.Board MM

2014.Aug 19.Board MM

2014.Jul 15.Board MM

2014.Jun 17.Board MM

2014.Apr 15.Board MM

2014.Mar 18.Board MM

2014.Feb 18.Board MM

2014.Jan 21.Board MM

2013.Nov 19.Board MM

2013.Oct 15.Board MM

2013.Sep 17.Board MM

2013.Aug 20.Board MM

2013.Jul 16.Board MM

2013.Jun 18.Board MM

2013.Apr 16.Board MM

2013.Mar 19.Board MM

2013.Feb 19.Board MM

2013.Jan 15.Board MM

2012.Nov 20.Board MM

2012.Oct 16.Board MM

2012.Sep 18.Board MM

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